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Weddings…Things to Consider | Frisco Wedding Photographer

Last weekend I photographed a gorgeous bride! I can’t wait to share those images with you, but the wedding is still a month away so you’ll have to wait. Since I now have wedding fever, I decided to blog some simple wedding tips for any brides to be out there!

Don’t be afraid to stray from tradition. For example, in the photo below of a vow renewal ceremony I photographed, the bride chose to have the guest chairs in a circle. It was perfect! The arrangement worked beautifully with the size and shape of the room! The couple was surrounded by loved ones as they renewed their commitment to each other…so beautiful! This image wouldn’t be nearly as powerful if the chairs were in a traditional arrangement of straight rows. This is just one example of how straying from tradition can be the right choice.


Trust your photographer. This one is so important. You must trust your photographer. In the photo below, I took the groom and groomsmen to an old run down car wash. Yes, a car wash! The groomsmen were reluctant and joked about the location. The groom had worked with me before during the couple’s engagement session and trusted me completely. He told the groomsmen to do what I asked and said ‘trust her, she knows what she’s doing.’ Crazy location? Yes, but did it work…I think so! Trust your photographer and his or her creative vision!


This post was short and sweet, but I hope it helps! 🙂

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