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This is my second monthly goals blog post and my first monthly goals recap! I’m excited 🙂
We spent the month of August at home trying to rest up for school starting at the end of the month. My girls are in their second week of school and so far it has been great! Savanna has been waking up and getting ready almost completely on her own…this is huge!! Last month, my girls also started back to dance and Sydney starts volleyball this week! That means we only have Friday nights without any after school activities! Life just keeps getting more and more busy, but it is GOOD!

I’m sure you are dying to know how I did on my August goals, so let’s get to that 🙂

August Personal Goals Update:
1. Do a closet clean out for both of my girls.
I cleaned Sydney’s clothes out and purchased a few new items for back-to-school. The bottom of her closet still needs some work though. I didn’t even start on Savanna’s closet 🙁
2. Increase my workouts from 3 to 5 days a week.
I DID IT!! YAY!! I’m so excited about this! By the end of the month I was tired! I told my trainer that I thought my body was trying to tell me I’m too old for working out this hard 5 days a week. Thankfully he will not let me use that excuse and he assured me it will get better.
3. Get back to planning meals and eating healthier.
I planned healthier meals including lots of salads for lunch and…wait for it… I QUIT drinking soda!! You have no idea what a big deal that is for me!! About a year ago I cut my soda drinking to one per day from three!! Yes, I used to drink three Diet Cokes per day! Three weeks ago, I just decided that I didn’t even want the one soda per day anymore. Now, I’m not saying I will never drink it again, because the next time we go to the movies I can guarantee I’ll share a large soda and popcorn with Keith! However, I will not make it a daily habit again!
4. Pick a paint color for the master bedroom.
We have a winner!! After a year or more of looking at lots of paint samples we finally narrowed our choices to three colors. We looked at those for about a week and finally decided that Wood Smoke by Glidden will be the color for our master bedroom/bathroom!!

August Business Goals Update:
1. Blog 3 times a week.
I missed one last week, but I still consider this a success! I need to improve my planning and preparation of blog posts, but I’m making progress and that is a great feeling!
Thanks to those who have followed me and read my posts. Do you have any suggestions for a future blog post? Leave ideas in the comments section or email ideas to 🙂
2. Finish research for new website and branding.
I’ve completed the research phase!
3. Perform a hard drive clean up.
I didn’t even touch this one 🙁

Now on to September…

September Personal Goals:
1. Finish girls closet clean out.
2. Plan Savanna’s birthday party!!
3. Complete office chair DIY project. I’m covering a plain old office chair in faux fur for Sydney’s desk. Wish me luck, I’m not the best with DIY stuff.
4. Convince my husband to paint our master bedroom before we change our mind on the color! 🙂

September Business Goals:
1. Complete the next phase of branding/new website process.
2. Take a photo for October goals blog post so I don’t post something lame like this month 😉
3. Hard drive clean up.
4. Update my profile photos on my blog and Facebook.

I hope you have a wonderful September!
After reading this post, I realized that I use smiley and winky faces a little too much 🙂

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