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“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” – Emilie Buchwald

If there is one thing that my husband and I did right in our early years of parenting, it was reading to our children! We read to them every single day until they were reading on their own and then we still read to them, just not as often. I am so very thankful that we made reading a priority and part of their bedtime routine! I believe that played a huge role in their love for reading now! For them a trip to the library is ‘almost’ as fun as a trip to the ice cream shop! When they had a week off for spring break I asked what they wanted to do…ice skating, roller skating, trampoline park? Their response? Let’s go to the library! So we went to the library and they each came home with a stack of books! And for the rest of the week they read…a lot! They even inspired me to read a book!! I actually finished it too!! I’ve started numerous books that I never finished! I am not (and never have been) a reader like they are, but I SO wish I was!

So if you’re looking for something fun and FREE to do with your kids, take them to your local library and be patient as they get lost looking at all the books full of wonder and opportunity! Encourage them to read and challenge them to move to more difficult books as they grow! Savanna absolutely loved the Rainbow Fairies books and was reading an entire book in about 30 minutes and that is when I began to challenge her to choose more difficult books. I explained that a quick ‘fun’ read is ok, but it’s good to read a longer book and challenge yourself too! I told her that the day I took these photos (last fall) and on this trip to the library she picked up a much larger and more challenging book titled “11 Birthdays” which was recommended by her big sister! It took her a while, but she finished it and she was so excited to tell me all about the book and how great it was! Since then I have seen a progression in her reading and her patience for reading a longer book!

I hope my girls always have a passion for reading!! I will end this Family Friday post with a very true quote by Dr. Seuss “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”



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Last summer my friends, Ed and Lucia, contacted me to take their wedding portraits. I was a little confused and said “Wait, I thought you two were married?” They explained that yes, they have been married for years, but they were never married in the church. Some of you reading this may think that’s not a big deal. If you’re married, you’re married. However, this is a very big deal for people of the Catholic faith! In the Catholic church, marriage is one of seven important Sacraments or sacred rituals. As their youngest daughters began preparing for their first communion, Ed and Lucia realized that they wanted to have a church wedding to receive their Sacrament of Marriage. They decided to plan the date so their daughters would receive their first communion at the wedding mass! It was a very special day of celebration for their family! My family and I attended their wedding and it was very special and beautiful even though I didn’t understand more than a few words because it was in Spanish!  Unfortunately the church did not allow any photos during mass, but they have these beautiful portraits to remember their wedding day!


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What started as a weekly series about my family life has somehow turned into a quarterly (ok, semi-annual) update! It is crazy how the routine of everyday life has this way of taking over and the next thing you know 6 months have passed by! Let’s pretend this Family Friday series is your favorite Netflix series to binge watch at night, but then you fall asleep and miss 5 episodes and you have to go back to the last one you actually remember watching. What? You don’t do that…maybe that’s just me!

Here we go…rewind all the way back to October 2014!

Happy Halloween! We had fun trick-or-treating with friends! In case you’re wondering, Sydney is Tris from Divergent. The Divergent series is just one of her book series/movie obsessions! (BTW she hated the Insurgent movie because it was nothing like the book!)


Sydney and Savanna’s dance team performed at a Texas Legends game in November! They did an outstanding job and the crowd loved them! SO fun!!


Happy Thanksgiving! The girls were my kitchen helpers this year! Here they are rolling out the pie crust!FamilyFriday_040315_frisco-lifestyle-photographer_2

Merry Christmas! We added to our Christmas traditions this year with a gingerbread house…actually it is a graham cracker house! We had a blast building and decorating this thing for 2 days!


In January Sydney and Savanna’s dance team kicked off their competition season with a team Show Off performance! It’s kind of like a mini dance recital. Their team did great! I’m so proud of these girls!


In February we celebrated Sydney’s birthday at Great Wolf Lodge! We had a pajama party in the arcade! Sydney and her friends had so much fun! I had fun watching their excitement and joy!!


Happy Spring! I took Sydney and Savanna out for a photo session in March…this was LONG overdue!! You’ll see more from our photo session in a future Family Friday post!

FamilyFriday_040315_frisco-lifestyle-photographer_7And that brings you up to date on my crazy little family! As you can see, life has been busy and we’re loving it…even though sometimes I wish it would slow down!!



  • April 3, 2015 - 10:43 pm

    Ashlie - Love, love, love this!!!! The girls are growing up so fassssst!!!

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I thought I would participate in throwback Thursday today and for good reason! Here’s the story…In late 2012 (I can’t believe it’s been that long ago) I was contacted by Gloria with Geelicious Confections! Gloria had been offered the opportunity to submit a cake design to Cake Central Magazine and she needed a photographer for this project! I excitedly agreed to work with her! I photographed her beautiful cake and she submitted the required photos to Cake Central Magazine then we waited to see if Gloria’s design was selected. Not only was her design selected, it lead the Winter Wedding Theme article in the December 2012 issue!!

Fast forward to March 2015. I get a message from Gloria saying that the cake I photographed for her is now used on Cake Central Magazine’s “Cake Photography Guidelines” page! This page is for cake artists who are planning to submit to the magazine! It states “Here are a few examples of well composed photos we’ve published in the past” and my photos of Gloria’s cake are there! How cool is that?!

I decided it was time to post a throwback Thursday in celebration! Here’s the amazing cake by Gloria with Geelicious Confections!



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Yesterday I photographed my first “fresh 48 newborn session” and it was beautiful!  Introducing Miss Tenley Grace! She is oh SO sweet and perfectly squishy! She snoozed peacefully during my visit until I unwrapped her for a photograph of her little feet. Then she decided she wanted to be snuggled and all was right in her world again! I don’t know how her sweet momma will get anything done at home because I would just want to snuggle this sweet girl ALL day!

I loved capturing this very special time for Tenley Grace’s family! Those first couple of days after giving birth are such a blur and I’m thrilled to be able to capture the details and sweet first moments of my clients with their newborns! If you are expecting or know someone who is expecting I would love to talk to you about a fresh 48 session with your newborn!


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