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I can’t seem to keep up with this Family Friday series I started! Today’s post is super lame, but I thought I would do a quick update for anyone who follows this series…I know I have a few followers! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen these photos so I apologize for not being more original today!

In a nutshell this is what our May and June looked like:

  • Sydney finished up volleyball season and sadly she has decided not to play next year so she can continue and increase her dance training. I really enjoyed watching her play volleyball, but I also love to watch her dance! It is tough when kids reach a point where they must give up one loved activity for another due to time commitments! Everything is a trade off though and that is a great lesson to learn early in life! We just can’t have or do it ALL!
  • My family celebrated me on Mother’s Day by making a wonderful surf and turf dinner with a nice red wine! That’s my kind of celebration!! I also received roses and wonderful cards!
  • We’ve been enjoying grilling…a LOT!
  • We’ve spent some time at our community pool! And we’ll be doing more of that this weekend!
  • I had a fun girls night out with Sydney seeing Pitch Perfect 2! LOVED IT! We laughed out loud and sang along!
  • We’ve been so busy that there have been a few weeks where the refrigerator was very empty! Not good because that means I’m not planning meals and we’re not making good eating choices!
  • The girls finished up a great school year with both of them on A honor roll!! Sydney officially completed the dual language program at her school! Such a HUGE accomplishment! She is fluent in Spanish and will be taking high school level Spanish next year even though she’ll only be in 7th grade! We are SO proud of her! Savanna is following suit with her Spanish education and will continue to learn in both English and Spanish!
  • I had a very special surprise for Sydney on the last day of school! I gave her concert tickets to see her favorite band! We will be seeing 5 Seconds of Summer in concert next month!! She is SO excited! This will be her first concert and I can’t wait to experience it with her!
  • The first few weeks of summer have been full of dance recitals, blue skies, cupcake making, hair braiding, book reading, tv watching, and dance competition! Summer is already going by too fast! We have a lot of fun to pack into the next 2 months!


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These fresh 48 newborn sessions are new to me, but I am really loving them!

Last Sunday I had the honor of documenting a very special day for this wonderful family! When Shannon found out she was pregnant with baby number four she contacted me and said she definitely want me to capture her girls finding out the baby’s gender! She considered a gender reveal session, but then decided to wait and find out the baby’s gender in the delivery room! Very exciting!!

She and her husband, Holland, found out the gender in the delivery room at 10:29am on May 17, but no one else knew! Shannon sent me a message and let me know the baby had arrived and we coordinated my arrival with the arrival of three very excited big sisters, grandpa, and uncle! As we approached the door of the hospital room, Holland got a little teary eyed as he was about to introduce his three sweet girls to their newest sibling! The girls entered the room and their responses were so true to their personalities! Their oldest came in first, typical of the first born taking charge and leading the way! Their youngest followed with the sweetest little reaction to seeing mom and baby (take a look at the 3rd photo below she’s in the bottom right corner of the photo)! Then came their sweet, reserved second born who approached carefully, but then showed obvious joy when she found out the gender (she the 5th photo below)! Skylar, their oldest quickly said “Is it a boy or girl?” Shannon (mom) with tears in her eyes said “This is Kirby!” Skylar thought for a second then it clicked and she said “It’s a GIRL?!” Then one of them said “I KNEW IT!”

Sweet Kirby only about 2 hours old was then passed around and held by everyone! She is already so loved by her family, extended family, and friends!  The emotion in this hospital room was palpable! I LOVED capturing these sweet first moments of Kirby’s life surrounded by her loving family! Ahh…I can’t even explain how special it was!!

dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_1dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_2dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_3“This is Kirby!”dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_4Realizing she had a new little sister!dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_5My heart melts! Look at these sweet big sisters so happy to finally meet Kirby! And Shannon, seriously how do you look this good 2 hours after giving birth?! You are SUPERMOM!dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_6dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_7dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_8dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_10dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_16dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_9AHH!! This is the sweetest! My heart is mush!!dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_18dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_19dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_21dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_24Lots of photos were taken by me and little Ramsey! I think I have a new apprentice!dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_22They are now a family of six and I couldn’t be happier for them!! Love you guys!!dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_12dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_23dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_11dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_17dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_13dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_14These photos right here are priceless!! Kirby’s great grandma “Mamo” holding her!dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_20dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_15And one of my absolute favorites! LOVE…it’s what is all about!!dallas-newborn-photographer-fresh-48_25

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Happy Friday! I am super excited to share a few photos from a Mexican dinner at our friends home! The idea to get together for a Mexican cooking night came about a few months ago when we were out to dinner with our friends Victor and Gaby. We were dining at Mexican Sugar, a fabulous upscale Mexican restaurant in Plano. Knowing it was our first time visiting this restaurant, Victor says to us “You are going to love the Morita salsa here!” He was right! That salsa was SO good and very different! It was served warm and had great deep flavor to it. This sparked a conversation about the ingredients in the salsa because we had never even heard of Morita chiles! Victor, who is a native Mexican, told us he knew how to make Morita salsa and it was so easy! I suggested that we have a Mexican cooking night so he could teach us how to make this salsa! He and Gaby thought that was a great idea and of course Keith and I agreed…more salsa please!

We finally found a night that would work with everyone’s busy schedules! We arrived at their home and Gaby took me outside to grab mint from her herb garden! She used the mint to make refreshing cucumber mint margaritas! It was honestly one of the best specialty drinks I’ve ever had! I wish I had one right now!! She made a non alcoholic version for the kids and they loved it too! Savanna told me later that I really needed to get the recipe because it was so delicious!

Gaby and I sipped on our margaritas as Victor and Keith started the grill and began prepping ingredients for our meal. Victor quickly whipped up a large bowl of fresh guacamole and then he began our salsa instruction! He prepared three amazing salsas for us, salsa verde, salsa rojo, and our new favorite…Morita salsa! He and Gaby had already prepared black beans (we’re not talking canned beans here folks this was the real deal) and chicken flautas which they showed us how to quickly pan fry to get a nice crispy outside. He also schooled us on traditional carne asada tacos! Then we ended our meal with the most delicious flan! Keith was still raving about that flan the following day which is funny because he always told me he did not like flan! I mentioned that and he said well, I didn’t think I liked it until I had that one!!

We had the best time eating, learning, and talking about everything from kids to culture! I hope you enjoy these photos of our fun evening with friends! You may see more posts like this! We already have two more meals planned! Keith and I will be serving smoked brisket to our friends very soon and then it’s Gaby’s turn to teach us about Venezuelan cooking!


frisco_party_photographer_MexicanDinner042615_3frisco_party_photographer_MexicanDinner042615_4frisco_party_photographer_MexicanDinner042615_2frisco_party_photographer_MexicanDinner042615_5I think Victor was having a good time showing off his skills don’t you?frisco_party_photographer_MexicanDinner042615_7OK, I don’t normally say things like this about my work, but the photo of the carne asada with the Pacifico beer in the background looks like it could be in a magazine!!frisco_party_photographer_MexicanDinner042615_9The kids gave the meal a thumbs up! Even our picky eater, Savanna!frisco_party_photographer_MexicanDinner042615_6frisco_party_photographer_MexicanDinner042615_8¡salud! my friends!frisco_party_photographer_MexicanDinner042615_10

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Happy Friday everyone!

Today’s Family Friday post doesn’t have an entertaining or well thought out story, but it does have some pretty photos of my girls! It has been way too long since I have taken my girls out for a photo session so last month we finally made it a priority! I am SO glad we did! They have changed so much since our last photos! Sydney is suddenly looking very grown up and it makes me sad, happy, and proud all at the same time! Savanna is still her sweet, sassy, spirited self and I hope that never changes!

The biggest change since our last photo session? This time they were both excited to be photographed!! What?? I couldn’t believe it either! Sydney loved picking out her outfit and selecting her favorite books to bring along for our photo session (she is an avid reader)! Savanna painted her nails to match her outfit! So what if I would prefer a neutral nail polish on Savanna or a different pair of shoes for Sydney’s outfit! Those are the little things that show who they are right now and I LOVE that I captured that!  I can’t wait to print these photos and hang them in our home!


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Meet Huck and Kaitlin! I just love these two and I can’t wait for their fall McKinney wedding!! They are getting married at the Bella Donna Chapel in McKinney and I couldn’t be more excited for them! I met them on a warm Sunday afternoon for their engagement session. Huck proposed to Kaitlin on their 3 year dating anniversary at the George Bush Presidential Library so we captured a few shots outside of the library before walking around the SMU campus for a few shots. Then we headed over to White Rock Lake for the remainder of their session. It was a busy day at the lake, but we found a few quiet spots and had a great time! I love the way Huck looks at Kaitlin with so much love and happiness! And why wouldn’t he…she is so gorgeous!

I had so much fun photographing their Dallas engagement session! I absolutely love photographing couples in love!!


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