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Minnesota Family Vacation Part One | Frisco Lifestyle Photographer

I decided to write two blog posts on our Minnesota family vacation. Part Two will come next week and will feature our day at Nickelodeon Theme Park.

When we moved from Minnesota to Texas seven years ago, we promised Keith’s family we would visit every summer. It is the perfect time to go because it is actually warm there during the summer! Keith’s parents have a lake cabin in northern Minnesota, so we always spend a few days up there. Keith and the girls can’t wait to get up there and start the fun at the lake! I’m not sure who loves it more…Keith or the girls! They love all the lake activities…fishing (ewww), swimming, tubing, boat rides, campfires and smores! Keith has enjoyed water skiing since he was a kid and he still gets his ski out every year to make a few runs. He taught me to ski when we were newly married, but I’ve haven’t tried it in a few years…maybe next year ;). Keith can’t wait to teach the girls to ski, but they are fine with tubing for now.

Savanna is our little dare devil. She is always the first one to jump on the tube! She literally jumps spread eagle onto the tube from the side of the boat. It was funny to watch and when she fell once, she just came up laughing hysterically and tried it again. She had absolutely no fear!

Sydney, our thinker, was a different story. It took us 30 minutes to talk her into getting on that tube! I swear it was like I was talking to myself as I tried to encourage her. She is so much like me and sometimes I wish she wasn’t. I missed out on things as a child because of fear and I do not want that for her! So I looked her in the eyes, held her hands and said “I’m not going to make you get on this tube, but I know that deep down you want to. Are you going to let fear win? Are you going to let fear steal your fun today? Your sister is having a blast tubing and I know you will too if you will allow yourself to do it. If you don’t do this you will regret it. I know, I’ve been there. Trust me, you don’t want to let fear take this from you.” After our talk, she slowly inched herself to the very edge of the boat and she finally decided to jump in. VICTORY!! I could not have been more proud of that girl than I was in that moment. I KNOW just how much courage that took for her. She ended up having a great time until she and Keith to a spill 🙁 It was scary for her and it upset her a great deal, but she got back on and tried again! 😀







What happens when you start showing off 😉


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