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Family Friday – Savanna’s Birthday Party | Frisco Party Photographer

Ok, I have completely slacked on my Family Friday posts! Did anyone miss it? Hello? Bueller…Bueller?? You have to keep me accountable on these Family Friday posts! Don’t let me slack anymore…ok? And if you have ideas for future Family Friday posts please email them to me at or leave them in the comments section below this post! It can be challenging to come up with something new each week! Enough of my ramblings…on to today’s subject.

I know we are all so over Halloween and everyone is prepping their Thanksgiving turkeys and decorating Christmas trees, but I had to post a few photos from Savanna’s birthday party last month! Savanna is my youngest and she turned 9 last month…NINE! It is so cliche to say, but seriously how is she 9 already?! This is the fourth year running that she has had a costume birthday party and I love it! All of her friends seem to enjoy it too! This year our backyard party was rained out so we had to make some last minute changes to the party setup, but it ended up working out quite well! We started the party on our driveway with music and games. Savanna’s big sister, Sydney, did a great job as the DJ for the party! She got everyone moving with some party favorites like the The Macarena and the Cha Cha Slide! After a few games and a little dancing we went inside for pizza and birthday cake! Savanna’s cake was absolutely AMAZING!! Gloria with Geelicious Confections did another outstanding job for us!! Just look at the detail on this haunted house cake! One of the little tiny pumpkins had a tiny spider web and spider on the back of it!! And everything on the cake was edible!! If you want a creative, unique cake for any occasion give Gloria a call!

Savanna and her friends were giggling and talking so much as they ate that I was worried we wouldn’t get to the other activities we had planned! Then I announced that we were moving to the craft table to decorate pumpkins with glitter and paint pens and all the girls quickly jumped up and were ready for that! Glitter always gets a girl’s attention! They had a blast talking and decorating pumpkins to take home! I couldn’t believe how focused they all were on this project! It was fun to see how everyone decorated their pumpkin! This is a creative group of girls!! Before we knew it the party was coming to an end, but we had one more activity that couldn’t be missed because it is Savanna’s favorite party game…MUMMY WRAP!! The parents started to arrive and were able to watch this fun, silly game! I gathered all the girls for a quick group photo before they left and it is probably my favorite photo of the entire party…look at those sweet smiling faces!

It was a fantastic party! I can’t wait to see what Savanna and I come up with next year! We LOVE parties 🙂frisco-party-photographer-halloween-birthday_101114_1frisco-party-photographer-halloween-birthday_101114_2frisco-party-photographer-halloween-birthday_101114_3frisco-party-photographer-halloween-birthday_101114_4frisco-party-photographer-halloween-birthday_101114_5frisco-party-photographer-halloween-birthday_101114_6frisco-party-photographer-halloween-birthday_101114_8frisco-party-photographer-halloween-birthday_101114_7frisco-party-photographer-halloween-birthday_101114_10frisco-party-photographer-halloween-birthday_101114_11frisco-party-photographer-halloween-birthday_101114_12frisco-party-photographer-halloween-birthday_101114_13frisco-party-photographer-halloween-birthday_101114_14frisco-party-photographer-halloween-birthday_101114_15frisco-party-photographer-halloween-birthday_101114_16frisco-party-photographer-halloween-birthday_101114_17

  • November 21, 2014 - 9:16 pm

    Gaby Buendia - Thank you!!!!
    Great pictures as always!!

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