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Family Friday – My Girls | Frisco Family Photographer

Happy Friday everyone!

Today’s Family Friday post doesn’t have an entertaining or well thought out story, but it does have some pretty photos of my girls! It has been way too long since I have taken my girls out for a photo session so last month we finally made it a priority! I am SO glad we did! They have changed so much since our last photos! Sydney is suddenly looking very grown up and it makes me sad, happy, and proud all at the same time! Savanna is still her sweet, sassy, spirited self and I hope that never changes!

The biggest change since our last photo session? This time they were both excited to be photographed!! What?? I couldn’t believe it either! Sydney loved picking out her outfit and selecting her favorite books to bring along for our photo session (she is an avid reader)! Savanna painted her nails to match her outfit! So what if I would prefer a neutral nail polish on Savanna or a different pair of shoes for Sydney’s outfit! Those are the little things that show who they are right now and I LOVE that I captured that!  I can’t wait to print these photos and hang them in our home!


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