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Family Friday – What have we been up to? | frisco lifestyle photographer

I can’t seem to keep up with this Family Friday series I started! Today’s post is super lame, but I thought I would do a quick update for anyone who follows this series…I know I have a few followers! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen these photos so I apologize for not being more original today!

In a nutshell this is what our May and June looked like:

  • Sydney finished up volleyball season and sadly she has decided not to play next year so she can continue and increase her dance training. I really enjoyed watching her play volleyball, but I also love to watch her dance! It is tough when kids reach a point where they must give up one loved activity for another due to time commitments! Everything is a trade off though and that is a great lesson to learn early in life! We just can’t have or do it ALL!
  • My family celebrated me on Mother’s Day by making a wonderful surf and turf dinner with a nice red wine! That’s my kind of celebration!! I also received roses and wonderful cards!
  • We’ve been enjoying grilling…a LOT!
  • We’ve spent some time at our community pool! And we’ll be doing more of that this weekend!
  • I had a fun girls night out with Sydney seeing Pitch Perfect 2! LOVED IT! We laughed out loud and sang along!
  • We’ve been so busy that there have been a few weeks where the refrigerator was very empty! Not good because that means I’m not planning meals and we’re not making good eating choices!
  • The girls finished up a great school year with both of them on A honor roll!! Sydney officially completed the dual language program at her school! Such a HUGE accomplishment! She is fluent in Spanish and will be taking high school level Spanish next year even though she’ll only be in 7th grade! We are SO proud of her! Savanna is following suit with her Spanish education and will continue to learn in both English and Spanish!
  • I had a very special surprise for Sydney on the last day of school! I gave her concert tickets to see her favorite band! We will be seeing 5 Seconds of Summer in concert next month!! She is SO excited! This will be her first concert and I can’t wait to experience it with her!
  • The first few weeks of summer have been full of dance recitals, blue skies, cupcake making, hair braiding, book reading, tv watching, and dance competition! Summer is already going by too fast! We have a lot of fun to pack into the next 2 months!


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