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Family Friday – Volleyball | Frisco Lifestyle Photographer

Yay for Family Friday!

Volleyball season is coming to an end. Sydney’s last regular game was last Saturday. Her team won and they played so well! They have a tournament next week and then this season will be over. She had a couple of awesome coaches and some great teammates this season!! I hope this team sticks together for the fall season!

I am so proud of the progress Sydney has made this season! This was her third season to play volleyball. The first season she played, her coach did a great job teaching them all to serve overhand! Serving overhand seemed to come easy for her and she has just continued to improve her form and control! The more difficult skill for her to learn was to go after the ball with confidence and determination. In her first two seasons she would rarely return a ball and I think she secretly hoped it wouldn’t come near her! This season was different though! She’s really getting into the game and she now has the confidence to call the ball and bump it back to the other team! She had some great plays this season!! I am so, so proud of her!! She’s looking forward to attending a volleyball camp this summer and working on her skills!




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