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Family Friday – Fun in the Country | Frisco Lifestyle Photographer

My girls and I just got back from 2 weeks at my parents’ house in the country. My girls love it there! They enjoy all sorts of things in the country that they could never do in the city including shooting fireworks! Mostly we enjoyed having downtime where we didn’t need to be anywhere or do anything! It was relaxing and I’m not going to lie I got L-A-Z-Y! I had great intentions of using the nice walking trail my dad has behind the house. My gym clothes and shoes were packed, but I slept in and it was hot by the time I got up and going everyday. Excuses, excuses! I enjoyed the time off, but I paid for it this week at the gym!! I barely even took my camera out during our 2 weeks there and now I regret that! I told you I got lazy!! I did capture a few photos the day we went to see my brother and his new cows. Savanna is such an animal lover and she was excited to see the cows! She said “I’ve never seen a cow up close before!” She was sad when we had to leave, but then she remembered that grandpa said she could help him give Jack a bath (Jack is his 5 month old German Shepard). You can see a few more photos of our trip on Instagram @jkayephoto if you’re interested.





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