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I’ve decided to start a weekly series titled Family Friday. Every Friday I will share something about my family or some fun family activities you can enjoy with your family. I hope this will be a fun Friday post for you to follow each week! 🙂

To kick off this series I’m sharing a few images of my 10 year old, Sydney, listening to music in her room. Last year she started listening to music more and more. What is it about this age and music? I remember when I was about her age I asked for one thing for Christmas…a stereo! My mom led me to believe that she would never allow me to have a stereo in my room. I was the happiest girl in the world that Christmas morning to find a stereo with speakers as tall as me and a double cassette deck with a record button…HELLO!! I just gave away my age there, but I know some of you reading this can relate! Who remembers having a blank cassette in the deck so you could run and press record when the radio played your favorite song? And if the radio DJ talked through the first part of it how annoyed you were that he ruined it and you’ll have to re-record it! How about those mixed tapes you used to make? We were so cool 😉 The big stereos and boomboxes are long gone, but the tween/teenager’s fascination with music remains.

I like listening to music with my girls. We have fun singing and dancing together. I love The Best Song Ever by One Direction just as much (if not more) than they do! The other day we were listening to Pandora while Sydney was doing homework and I was cleaning. The Best Song Ever came on and I yelled dance break and we turned up the music and danced like fools in the living room! I once danced around with the broom while singing Black Eyed Peas’ Let’s Get it Started and now Savanna will randomly request ‘mom, do the broom dance!’ hahaha!

Happy Friday! Go embarrass your children by singing one of their favorite songs very loudly with them!



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