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Family Friday – Bike Rides and a Stray Cat | Frisco Lifestyle Photographer

This week the girls enjoyed a few bike rides in the mild summer temps we have had! Savanna just moved up from a little bike and had to kind of re-learn how to ride. She hasn’t been on a bike in a year or so! It only took a few lessons and now she’s riding around the block with her dad and loving it! Now I’m the only one in the family without a bike. If they talk me into getting a bike I’m going to need a few lessons too it has been more than a few years since I’ve been on a bike!

The other news this week is this cat! This stray cat thinks our house a great place to hang out! The strange thing is this the second time a stray cat has claimed our yard as its home!! We believe the animals sense we have a true animal lover in our home! She’s like Snow White…animals are just drawn to her! As you can see, she is pretty happy about this cat! Keith and I aren’t nearly as excited about it.





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