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Family Friday – Best Day of 2nd Grade | Frisco Lifestyle Photographer

It’s Family Friday!

I had to share with you this cute story about my youngest, Savanna. She had the “Best Day” of her 2nd grade career this week! They have been learning about goods and services in Social Studies and this week they set up a store. Every student gave the teacher a few ideas for what they wanted to sell at their store (all with fake money of course). At the top of Savanna’s list was offering nail services. If you follow @jkayephoto on Instagram, you may have seen that just last weekend she treated me to nail spa services at home. Playing spa is one of her favorite things to do right now. She was very excited to find out that her teacher selected her to offer a nail spa in their class store! She started preparing her nail polishes days in advance. She cleaned out her Caboodles makeup carrying case and loaded it up with her favorite nail polishes! That thing was FULL of polish! I didn’t even know she had that much nail polish!!

The night before the class store was to open she went to the pantry and started gathering several juice drinks. I stopped her with her arms full of drinks and asked what she was planning to do with all of those. She obviously thought I was going to say no because she made up a couple of different stories about why she wanted to take them to school until she finally told me the real reason. She sighed loudly then said “I need these for my nail salon so I can offer my customers a drink!” Impressed by her desire to offer excellent customer service, I agreed to let her take the juice drinks for her salon! That’s not all..she then asked where our outdoor chairs were (she’s referring to those folding camping chairs in a bag). Suspicious, I asked why she needed to know that. “Because I need to take one to school” she said. I was so confused. I asked her why in the world she needed to take a chair to school?! Again with a big sigh she said “Part of my service is ‘RELAX’. How can they relax in those hard little blue chairs at school? I need to take this so they can lean back and relax!” Yes, she really said that! How can I tell this child no, she makes a great argument!

So, here she is coming home from school all loaded down with her chair, Caboodles case, backpack and lunch box! Surprising how she can carry ALL that, but normally will not even carry her backpack to the bus stop in the morning because it is ‘so heavy’ 😉 She was very happy to tell me all about her successful day of painting nails! She even painted her teacher’s nails! She has an awesome teacher!!


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