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August Goals | Frisco Photographer

Well hello August! Where did you come from?? I know this sounds so cliche but I honestly do not know how it is August already! I guess that’s what happens when you are busy trying to enjoy every ounce of summer family time. We’ve been so busy traveling to see our out of state families that this is the first bit of ‘downtime’ we’ve had all summer. In the midst of our busy summer I squeezed in a June business trip to Virginia with my niece and fellow photographer, Ashlie Dobbins. Together we decided to invest in our businesses and road trip to Virginia to meet Katelyn James (one of our favorite photographers) for some business coaching. We had a blast and learned a lot too! One of the things I took away from our coaching session was to implement a blog calendar and stick to it!! Seems simple, right? Well for me it’s all about the calendar and the lists. If it isn’t on one of my multiple lists or my calendar then it doesn’t happen. So starting today I have a Blog calender and I actually have August blog posts planned!! YAY!!

That brings me to today’s post. My first monthly goals post. You can expect to see this every month and please leave comments and share some of your monthly goals with me! I would love to hear them.

Personal Goals:
1. Do a closet clean out for both of my girls.
I need to clear out items that are too small and figure out what we need to purchase for the new school year.
2. Increase my workouts from 3 to 5 days a week.
Believe it or not, I am excited about this. Want to join me? I have the BEST personal trainer and I do group circuit training classes (only about 5 people in the class).
3. Get back to planning meals and eating healthier.
I love to workout, but I also love to eat! You see my problem. I’m going to be shamefully honest. It’s our first week home after vacation and I haven’t even been to the grocery store! I’ve had pizza 4 days in a row! That is so, so bad.
4. Pick a paint color for the master bedroom.
I’ve only been thinking about this for a year or more! Can you say fear of commitment?? I do know it will be grey, but do you know how many shades of grey there are? A lot more than Fifty! pun intended 😉

Business Goals:
1. Blog 3 times a week.
Get ready to see a lot more from me. You’ll be seeing some personal posts as well as client sessions!
2. Finish research for new website and branding.
That’s right, exciting changes are coming to jKaye Photography! I am excited and nervous!!
3. Perform a hard drive clean up.
This one is boring *insert yawn* but it must be done. My hard drive is bursting at the seams!

Those are my goals for August. Enjoy the last month of summer!!
Leave a comment to share some of your goals or just say hi and be sure to check back in September to see how I did 🙂
Since blog posts without photos are no fun, here’s me being all model face serious and ready to attack my August Goals! Thanks to Katelyn James for this photo.

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